ectonucleotidases antibodies
Our group studies the functions of extracellular nucleotides and the receptors via which nucleotides trigger their effects, with a focus on the cell surface, membrane-bound enzymes which hydrolyze these compounds.

We have generated from mice, rabbits and guinea pigs a series of specific antibodies that detect different types of ectonucleotidases from various species including human, mouse, rat, pig and ox.  These antibodies have been tested for immunohistochemistry, immunoblotting as well as flow cytometry.  Some of these antibodies (e.g. human NTPDase2 and -3) specifically inhibit the activity of their target enzyme.  In addition, some of these antibodies can also be used as cell markers. For instance, anti-NTPDase2 may be used to label type I cells in taste buds (which specifically express NTPDase2), and anti-NTPDase1 (= anti-CD39) may be used to label Treg cells (mostly the FoxP3+ subset) which strongly and selectively express CD39/NTPDase1.

These antibodies are available for research collaboration or for purchase.  Contact us to discuss which alternative best suits your purposes.






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